Santa Pola/ Guardamar


The beautiful city of Santa Pola with its seafaring tradition is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and just 20 km from the metropolitan city of Alicante and its international airport.

The landscape of Santa Pola offers excellent beaches with views of the salt lakes, the mountains and the Cape of Santa Pola, a luxury for nature lovers. Santa Pola has coves and white sand beaches perfect for diving and windsurfing among other water sports.

The Levante, Varadero, Gran Playa or Santiago Bernabeu coves are some of the most recommended.

In the historical port of Santa Pola that dates to Roman times we can find the archaeological remains of this time. An old salting factory from the 4th century BC. C., walls and dependencies of the commercial area and a Roman residence make up the complex.

From La Lonja with its charming stalls at the Mercado de Abastos and Casa del Mar, you can catch a boat that leads to the nearby island of Tabarca, where a walled area and a marine reserve of great biological variety await.

The urban center of Santa Pola is the Castle ordered to be built by Felipe II to repel attacks by pirates and corsairs.

In the Municipal Aquarium you can enjoy musolas, triggerfish, loggerhead turtles and other species typical of this coast.

A tour of Santa Pola will take us to lively squares such as La Glorieta and natural viewpoints such as Plaza del Calvario. From here there is an unbeatable panoramic view of the bay of Santa Pola and its promenade, an excellent place to stroll along the shores of the Mediterranean.

Gastronomy of Santa Pola

Among the exquisite seafood in the area, the flavour of shrimp, Norway lobster and red shrimp stands out. Rice, always present in this Alicante region, is prepared “a banda” (cooked with fish and served with ali-oli), black (with squid ink), or in seafood paella.

Tasty local dishes such as monkfish, cuttlefish stew or fish cauldron are found among fish stews. The sea bream and sea bass are prepared in the oven, while the smaller ones are fried in abundant olive oil. And as a good salt area, salted roe, mojama (dried and salted fish), cod or tuna are highly appreciated.

And to finish the gastronomic tasting, nothing better than trying artisan pasta, puff pastry stuffed with angel hair and ice cream, especially the mantecado.


Guardamar del Segura, also known simply as Guardamar, is a coastal city in the province of Alicante. Located on the southeast coast of the province, it is part of the Vega Baja del Segura region.

Guardamar del Segura takes its name from the Segura river, that passes through the area; The town is also known for its pinewood, planted in the early twentieth century to stop the advance of the coastal mobile dunes, which until then invaded the surrounding fields. Guardamar has a beautiful historical center with plenty of lively bars, restaurants, dozens of shops where you can shop and a pleasant park with fountains, lakes and lots of trees that receive special evening entertainment. 

Guardamar has around 11 km of beaches. Amongst those beaches the best ones are the ones with the Blue Flag certification:

  • Playa Centro: length: 2600m: Playa Centro is on the southern edge of the dunes of Guardamar and located in the area closest to the town center.
  • Playa de La Roqueta: length 1180m: The quality of water and sand of this beach is excellent. Its fine golden sand and the services it offers make it very attractive, both for swimming and for water sports.
  • Playa del Moncayo: length 1460m: The Playa del Moncayo beach has a semi-natural character and its sands and waters are of excellent quality. Open spaces and fine golden sand make up this one-and-a-half kilometer long beach.

 With its good connections with main roads (N332 and AP-7), you are only a 20 drive away from the international airport of Alicante. Without a doubt Guardamar del Segura is a true jewel of the Costa Blanca.

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