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Located next to the new AP7 motorway towards Alicante you find San Pedro del Pinatar, an interesting and delightful city that is a very popular destination for holidaymakers of all nationalities, as well as Spaniards who pilgrim here during the hot summer months. San Pedro del Pinatar has around 25,000 inhabitants, although that number increases sharply in the summer.

San Pedro has a good selection of shops, bars, cafés, restaurants and a nice market that is held every Monday. The city has an excellent marina and is a paradise for various water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, diving and snorkeling.

The word Pinatar means pine forest, and in the early 18th century a hermit’s house was built dedicated to the apostle St. Peter (San Pedro) who was a fisherman. Because the city consisted largely of fishermen, it was decided to rename the city after the holy apostle. History probably goes back to the Phoenicians, because this coast was an important trade route for them.

For centuries, San Pedro del Pinatar has survived financially through fishing, agriculture and salt production. The Mar Menor lagoon has the highest salinity in all of Europe.

The Parque Regional de Salinas and Arenales de San Pedro is now a protected natural park and is an important area for migratory birds and especially flamingos.

San Pedro del Pinatar has many interesting places to visit, such as the archaeological and ethnographic museum, the Museo de la Cofradía, the Casa del Reloj, the Wetlands Center, Punta de Algos and the fish market.


San Javier with its 40 km of beaches lies on one of Europe’s largest saltwater lake, the Mar Menor. The unique conditions of this lake create unique bathing conditions with warm, shallow water and is perfect for water sports.

For San Javier agriculture is an important element of the local economy. This is visible all-around San Javier where both greenhouse and outdoor crops can be seen all around.

As tourism is one of San Javier’s principal activities it creates employment in the services sector, such as hotels, bars, restaurants and leisure sectors.

San Javier is a reasonably young municipality (only 175 years old) but still has an interesting history. Because of the safety of the sheltered waters the Phoenicians took advantage of its harbour and trading opportunities 2600 years ago.

Due to San Javier having an established ex- pat community there is a busy cultural offering which includes de San Javier Jazz Festival, The Carnival in Santiago de la Ribera and many events run by social support groups and charities within the ex-pat community.

The quality of healthcare is also ensured for residents due to the inauguration of two new high- tech hospitals in both the Mar Menor Los Arcos Hospital in San Javier and the Santa Lucia Hospital in Cartagena.

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