La Manga del Mar Menor

The Mar Menor is one of Europe’s largest saltwater lakes. The lake is created as part of the Mediterranean Sea is enclosed by a long strip of land called La Manga del Mar Menor.

Of this strip of land, we want to highlight one amazing village that in our opinion represents all that is wonderful about La Manga del Mar Menor:


Cabo de Palos is a truely enchanting village of La Manga del Mar Menor.

Perhaps the most charming place in Cabo de Palos is its small port area, full of fishermen’s boats that mingle with divers’ boats every morning.

The promenade (Paseo de la Barra) is full of gear that awaits fishermen for the task.

Here we can also find the restaurant area, on whose terraces we can enjoy the local cuisine.

The promenade called Zeneta is the old part of the Paseo de La Barra that was divided with the construction of the port. Small boats and impressive old houses on the promenade make it a magical setting. The water reaches almost to the doors of the houses, until the walk is lost between its portals.

Connecting the port with the lighthouse, we find a very special path that runs along the cliffs of the town and each of its wonderful coves. Small ladders facilitate access to each of the coves, authentic paradises for diving and snorkelling. It is not recommended to leave the signposted route. The cliffs and coves of Cabo de Palos are truly amazing.

Emblem of Cabo de Palos, the great lighthouse was first illuminated in 1865. Its beam of light, capable of reaching more than 40 km, serves as a guide for the more than 50,000 ships a year that sail along its coasts.

Its 360-degree panoramic view allows us to see La Manga along its length, as well as the marine reserves of Islas Hormigas and Isla Grossa. Undoubtedly, the lighthouse has become one of the most beautiful places on the coast from which to watch an unparalleled sunset.

The Playa de Levante (Levante Beach), which connects to La Manga, is the small bay of the town. Its orientation makes it a haven of water, an ideal place to shelter from the great waves of the easterly winds. Its characteristic turquoise colour and crystal clear waters make bathing totally irresistible.

Isla del Pato (The Duck Island) is located in the cove next to Levante beach. Sheltered from the waves and protected by the island, the cove becomes a natural pool that you cannot miss. The Cabo de Palos Isla del Pato is one of the places most frequented by those who are not afraid of heights.

At night, the Plaza de la Virgen del Mar (the town square) comes alive and is full of lanterns and tables where you can taste different dishes or have a drink. Its Mediterranean air, surrounded by low white houses, make it a very special place to enjoy pleasant company.

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