Los Alcázares

The beautiful city of Los Alcázares is located between Cartagena and San Javier near the calm and warm waters of the Mar Menor. The fine beaches attract holidaymakers from all over the world. The Spaniards love this part of the coast. People from Murcia in particular like to use this environment to escape the heat of the summer. Los Alcázares has a permanent population of around 15,000, which increases to around 150,000 during the busy summer season. Los Alcázares has been an independent city since 1983 and has a week of celebration every year to remember this important event for the city.

The history of the city goes back to the Arab occupation of the area and the name originates from the Arabic word Al-Kazar which means palace. The water in the lagoon outside the city has a very high salt content and has been known for centuries for its healing powers. For this reason, spas have been built by the Arabs at various places along the coast.

The Arabs also brought complex irrigation systems, developed in the Middle East and North Africa, so that previously dry land could be used for agriculture. The Arabs also introduced unique fishing methods that were useful in the calm shallow waters of the Mar Menor. Some of these fishing methods (including La Encañizada) are still used with great success today.

Los Alcázares is currently a hectic tourist resort with an excellent selection of shops, bars and restaurants and many beautiful beaches.